We arrived at Penn Station, took the Amsterdam Avenue street car to the end of the line. There was a frame house my mother rented for four dollars a month, and all around it were apple orchards. — Al Hirschfeld

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We have to admit we both have a soft spot for magnificent decay—those places and objects that even in their spoil still exude their former glory and stir us to imagine the past. At BERA's Short Line Trolley Museum (East Haven, Connecticut), we find both avatars of the past: ones rescued from oblivion but barely hanging on, and those lovingly and painstakingly restored from the brink of destruction—like New Orleans car No. 850, a celebrity which went on tour to promote New Orleans. And how better to spend a day than ride (or drive!) an IRT or IND subway car from New York's past during one of the museum's "transit days!"

But what makes this a great place to take pictures isn't just that we're partial to the subject matter—it's that the afternoon light, especially in autumn, comes in from the most perfect direction imaginable, bringing equipment, buildings, everything to life.

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Newark City subway plow

Newark City subway plow

Brooklyn Rapid Transit "convertible" Car No. 4573

Montreal Car No. 2001

Truck and unrestored subway cars
chromogenic B&W

Brooklyn Rapid Transit Car No. 1792
chromogenic B&W

Toronto Car No. 1706 and Atlanta Car No. 948

New Orleans Car No. 850, conductor, and passenger (boarding)

Connecticut Company city Car No. 1602
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