Q: Which side of the fence are you on? Film or digital?
A: There is no fence.

We know you're asking yourself...what's with the guy pushing the broom?

  1. We're reminding you to keep your darkroom clean
  2. We recommend you visit your friendly neighborhood DIY home center the next time you need photo equipment and supplies
  3. It's a subliminal suggestion planted by photographic Luddites that high tech isn't always the answer to getting a job done right
  4. here's comin' at ya!Frankly, we're here to clean up after all the piles-of-hooey bad advice you've gotten from all those self-appointed photo pundits and self-proclaimed "purists"
  5. All of the above


If you didn't see E. All of the above coming at you like a locomotive with its blinding headlight cleaving the black shrouded night like Lorraine Bobbit slicing through... sorry! never mind

We're the photography guys, Frank and Peters. Between us, we've got more years that we'd like to admit to of photography experience since either of us developed our own roll of film for the first time. However, unlike the furniture guys, Ed Feldman and Joe L'Erario (, fellow Masters of the Known Universe with whom we have no affiliation whatsoever), we don't necessarily carry the same favorite tools of our trade:

Frank Peters
35 mm
Nikon Canon
manual everything auto-everything (autofocus on "P"rogram mode)
prime lenses zooms
black and white color
Medium Format
Mamiya Mamiya
and lest you thought we agreed...
twin-lens reflex (bellows) SLR
2 ¼ x 2 ¼ 645
hand-held meter aperture-priority meter prism
crank motor drive
prefers 120 format (12/roll) prefers 220 format (35/roll)
Large Format
Speed Graphic: simple and eminently portable used a 4x5 camera once for a college course at Cooper Union
black and white
film and prints,
tanks and trays
commercial processing
still has a can of unused MICRODOL-X from 1972, marked 84 cents each
photo prints photo CD-ROMs, digital prints
"a pox on digital" early adopter
Olympus C2500L SLR: ($1,400 for 2.5 megapixels!),
ALPS MD1300 dye-sub printer

Other than that, we pretty much agree on everything else, that is, everything that matters and makes a difference. The bottom line is, if you want straight advice, this is the place for you.


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